Summer Social Sessions

Social Skills are defined as the skills that facilitate interaction and communication with others. We often take these skills for granted; however, the art of conversation can be quite complex and difficult for others. Throw some humor and emotion into the mix, and it makes it more complicated to converse. Social skills are important to our children as they venture into the world of making new friends and experience various social situations.

Goals addressed: Joint Attention, Greetings, Turn Taking, Social Play, Conversation, Community Skills, Perspective Taking, Critical Thinking


Breathe and Flow with Language Through Yoga

Many of our children grow up in an environment that can be overstimulating due to stress, loud noises, hyperactivity, sensory issues, anxiety, etc. Breathe and Flow with Language Through Yoga is designed by Deirdre Beglan, M.S. CCC-SLP who is also certified with Yoga Alliance 200hr as a way to help calm these stimulants and create an environment conducive to using speech and language skills.  Children with and without special needs are welcome.

Goals addressed: How to Control Breath, Breathing Techniques, Self-Regulating Techniques, Yoga Poses, Slow Rate of Speech, Language Skills, Vocabulary Skills, Social Skills

These groups are an intensive six-week program, one day a week for an hour, from July 5th-August 12th. Times (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) will be dependent on the needs of the individuals and families (as we always try to accommodate our families).

It’s a first come, first serve basis and slots are limited. Please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to hearing from you!!

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NYC Board of Education Related Service Agreement (RSA) for both Pre-school and School-Age Children are free to parents, and transportation is refunded by the NYC Board of Education.

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